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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  March 24, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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opposed the bill. >> they have obama care for allege while longer before it ceases to exist which it will. this is their bill. >> the democrats say the failure of the bill is a victory for the american people. >> today's rainy weather cause the problems where green valley road is flooded. it is closed until further notice. the dry weather we have had since february allowed them to release enough water from the reservoir to make room for more water. a decision may be near for the future of the oakland raiders. they will be holding a meeting and it is possible that they could move to los angeles monday. >> the city of oakland with the development move led by ronnie lott offered more details to
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build a new stadium plan. paul chambers has more. >> julie, the mayor says not so far as doing all she can to keep the team in oakland. >> right now i have all of my energy focused on convincing the raiders and the nfl ownership that oakland is the market to stay in. we have a stadium plan and we are ready to build it. >> and these are the sketches that would show that plan. the city of oakland and investment groups including ronnie lott unveiled the idea of what is needed to build a new stadium in oakland. the plan comes days before the nfl owners vote on a possible relocation to las vegas, the new stadium would be built on the current site along with mixed use development and a possible expanded bart station. the city would pay 200 millions for infrastructure anxiety improvements and come with licensing. the plan would cost 7 million-
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dollars less than a stadium in vegas on an area to be developed. the mayor hopes that will be several reasons why the nfl would keep the team in oakland since the tight -- site is ready for construction. >> we can begin the environmental work and the site preparation while the raiders do the design work. reporter: now of course we still have to wait until the owners make that vote to figure out if the raiders go. people hope the raider will stay. they are planning several different things at 11:00. they will have a pizza party at the raiders headquarters and after that a march around the stadium and holding a pep rally and in the final moments to keep the raiders right here in oakland. >> what about a stadium for the a's, there's enough room for a baseball stadium? >> good question. i talk to the mayor about that.
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i asked what would that mean because the plans stay put and the other says the a's would not. the a's have a lease on current place for a few more years and the mayor says that is needed while they explore other areas in oakland. while they are exploring and checking out environmental issues to build a stadium that they are committed to build in oakland, the a's would like to stay here for a few more years so they are hoping the raiders understand that as well as they are starting to build their new stadium as well. paul chambers in oakland. thanks, paul. stay with ktvu for the latest on the situation with the raiders. our joe fonzi will be in phoenix for the nfl owners' meeting next week and he will have live reports sunday night. there is a big soccer game in san jose. the u.s. men's team is playing 3rd of ten games in the final round for the world cup. the game puts the u.s. men's team against hon dur us. they need a win after the first
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two matches. team usa will have 7 more games in this crucial final round to qualify for the world cup in russia in 2018. after losing the first two games in qualifying it is time to win and the guys know that. soccer is a funny game, you have to do everything right. >> my gut says they come out at the first whistle and set a tone and send a message to honduras and the entire community that u.s. is back. >> tonight's game kicks off before 8:00 and it will be broadcast on tv on fox sports one. president trump signed off on the key stone excel pipeline. a move that has infuriated environmental groups. david miller says the president says thousands of jobs are created. >> the trump administration getting a green light to the controversial excel oil pipeline friday. an approval reversing a
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previous decision by the obama administration. >> i'm pleased to announce the official approval of the presidential permit for the keystone excel pipeline. transcanada will be allowed to complete this with speed. >> the oil industry is applauding and the project will lower consumer prices. >> a great day for american jobs and historic moment for north america. >> the pipeline would 800,000 gallons of oil to canada and alaska. the long hurtles loom including winning financing. as well as safety and local permits related to the pipe line's route that is being litigated in multiple states. >> i'm not so sure we need extra barrels in the united states at this point.
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it is going to be a debate whether the time right now to complete keystone or not. >> many landowners and native american tribes and environmental groups have joined together in opposition. >> it may not seem like a big threat but it is a big threat. it is not good. >> the environmental group green piece is calling it a move backwards and vowing to pressure banks and deny financing for the project. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. coming up. arrests in the uk after the deadly terror attacks in london. what authorities hope to learn about the suspect. also ahead. in honor for bay area law enforcement officers that were wounded in the line of duty. >> helping us to live as well as we can.
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authorities in london say four people remain in custody tonight in connection with wednesday's deadly terror attack outside parliament. the others arrested have been released. investigators say the attacker identified as 52-year-old kalib masoub was born in britain and converted to moslem. he had a record for minor crimes. want to know how he was radicalized and whether it was
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from britain or propaganda. >> was it through influences or online propaganda. >> law enforcement shot and killed the suspect. there is a doubling of officers in the aftermath of that attack. paul manafold has agreed to testify. bad news for kevin nunez that chairs the committee fa is investigating russian interference in the 2016 election. manafold will face tough questions about his business ties to russia and ukraine. up until '09 manafold was being paid tens of millions by a russian billionaire to further the interests of vladimir putin. in the meantime there were open hearings canceled. but the committee will meet behind closed doors and not sitting well with democrats on
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the committee. >> the committee has cease seeked additional information for monday's hearing that can be addressed enclosed session. >> there must have been a strong push-back from the nature of monday's hearing. it is hard for me to come to any other conclusion. >> earlier james comey says his agency is conducting a criminal investigation into possible, underscore possible coordination between russian officials and the trump campaign. new at 6:30. law enforcement officers wounded in the line of duty were honored today in a south bay at a special i wards presentation. the san jose exchange club ex changed the blue and gold service award. pledging to serve and protect their fellow citizens. >> often times the sacrifices they make and the injuries that they suffer are things that nobody other than their families and friends know about and it is because of their
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sacrifices that helps us to live as well as as the rest of us do. >> nine officers were honored today at the noontime ceremony including families of santa cruz police department and sheriff's office. two high end cars stolen from a bay area high school. >> i finished last and i walked to where i parked that day. and another car was in the spot where i had parked. up next, what we are learning from one of the victims and investigations now under way. and some heavy rainfall for parts of the bay area. the main front has moved out of town and talking about lingering showers. coming up. letting you know if the showers linger and talking about another weather system to impact your sunday. live-stream your favorite sport
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stolen from the parking lot at monta vista high school. >> our crime reporter henry lee talked to a student who came out of class and discovered that his distinctive car was gone. >> ethan gallagher showed us pictures of his zr1, a car he calls betsy. the photos are all he has left of the 60,000ed car. >> it was like a child to me. >> he left the white camaro in the parking lot on wednesday. >> i parked on the property.
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they make you pay. >> and he came back in the afternoon and it was gone. >> i finished class and walked to where i parked that day and another car was in the spot where i parked. >> gallagher realized that someone had stolen his car and that wasn't all. >> in front of the front office, a pal of mine was standing outside and he asked me hi, have you seen a gray camaro and i said oh, no. and he is like what and i said my camaro is gone too. >> his friend's camaro was a gray super sport camaro. >> another incredible car 50,000 plus. >> there are stepped up patrols on campus. >> this is unusual for us to have two cars stolen. especially cars with the same model and similar years. >> if i wanted to check my car i would come here.
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>> galager thinks he disabled his security without tripping the alarm. >> these guys are pros. they knew what they were doing. everything was done perfectly. i don't know how they did it. they got the car started and drove away with both of them. >> we are curious to know how they did it. the keys were account the for for both vehicles. we though didn't use the actual keys to the car and this is a often times evidence that we will get on the other end once we recover the vehicles. >> in danville, henry lee, ktvu fox news. we had a pretty good soaking across the bay area. in fact i thought the system would be stronger than it was but still produces good downpours up in the north bay. take a look at the rainfall right now. the radar and not a lot of coverage out there. the snowfall is fading out. they have had some rainfall reported out towards blue canyon. the snow levels creeping up. other radar, we have coverage in the south bay.
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san jose, at least the airport right now reporting light rain and still green showing up on the radar. scattered about portions of the south bay and santa cruz mountains. not a big deal but wet roadways. there is the live doppler sweep with the pattern and coverage to the south and along 101 here and then in the north bay for portions of morin county nothing too major but in the west morin and towards solano county some scattered rainfall to talk about. not completely dry but we are trending in that direction. outside right now we have lingering clouds and the winds have backed off. looking at the tree branch, not much in the way of strong winds. 24 for your friday evening. interesting here with santa rosa. the record, this is all unconfirmed not a steady database going back in time but 1982 and 1983 when santa rosa picked up 55.86-inches, the
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highest rainfall they recorded. in this year we are approaching that with today's rainfall 55.25. a productive winter for us and talking about more rain chances for your sunday. here is the current weather pattern in the pacific. for tonight, some off and on rain showers. there's the break for saturday and we are talking about more showers by sunday. especially up in the north bay and especially by sunday evening. so here we are tonight. 9:00 talking about scattered rain and then into saturday, some clouds and it looks like breaks in the clouds. partly cloudy skies and here we go to sunday. scattered rain showers in the north bay. here and then as you can see it does work its way to the south by sunday evening after 5:00 and you will notice maybe more rain or more snow in the sierra by sunday night. they have that winter storm warning in place until five a.m., until five p.m. sunday. temperatures in the 60s and san
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francisco 61 and fremont 63 and santa rosa 62. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast with a chance for showers in the north bay and for everything else sunday night maybe a lingering chance until monday morning and the we regard we are advertising and better be right with this. tuesday, wednesday and thursday we will dry things out and warm things up. coming our way. thank you, mark. mission high school went after its first high school basketball championship in sacramento. scott will tell us how they did coming up next in sports. portion of fox 2 news sponsor bid xfinity. visit for a test drive.
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all right. scott is here and starting with tournament basketball. >> as if we don't have enough college basketball on the brain nationally. the martin area did not end with a flurry. cal basketball is moving it on in-house. the bears promote one juan kym jones to head coach. he has no experience but respected as a recruiter. butler and north carolina. the magic men and carolina all over it.
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swarming defense into offense. pinson with the steal and justin johnson for the lay with 24. more heels in the second half. it got out of hand. good ball moment. joel berry. finds a lane. the circus shot. carolina wins 92-80. they are onto the elite 8. how about carolina south. south carolina and baylor. thornhill gets it back with a triple. how about 16-0 run by the gamecocks. they led by 15 at the break and thornhill had 20 and second half more of p j dozier coast to coast and leftie lay-in and south carolina out of nowhere going to the elite 8 with a 20 point victory. one win away from a championship. the montra for three local teams. ladies first east side of san francisco rolling hills in
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southern california. east side led by zion gabriel. 8, 3 pointers. the record was broken by clay something or other. he plays professionally in santa margarita. 8 of 16 beyond the arc and she also tied some guy named curry arena record of 8, 3s in a game. east side wins cf title 63-43. ashley on this team and i don't think art in his prime could have stopped rebecca abeama with a triple-double, 12 points and ten blocks and 17 rebounds. have a day roseyo with the division championship 62. 45. mission of san francisco, bears
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up four with the ball and nie ami harris for the break and puts them up 6. the dagger, harris two more of his 31 points to tie a career high. mission wins 82-75. last year jere rad goff was the number one pick and didn't need to audition much. not the case with this year's cal crop. pro-day was their chance to impress the scouts and braving the elements. 16 cal players worked out performing various speed and agility drills. chad hanson and, of course, the quarterback, davis webb projected as second round pick in the draft and you know just might make sense for a certain hometown team. >> numerous teams but i won mention one. they have been contacted and there is time. it has been a lot of the fun and cool to play in the state and stay home and represent cal
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near the 49ers and can't control that so it is out of my preparation of what i want to accomplish over the next month. >> the end is near. the end of spring training. that's a good thing. we will have the real deal. for now more of that exhibition stuff. giants, rockies and afternoon baseball. jeff samardzija to help his cause. swinging the stick. a double to left and score tomlinson and the giants with a lead courtesy of brandon belt going on top. 3rd home run of the spring. that off of john gray. 3 run shot. giants go up 4-0 and hang on for a 6-5 win and brandy shastang inducted township -- into the hall of fame. >> a lot of people had the day off. >> there you go. our coverage continues on
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ktvu plus.
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this sandwich is an unmitigated disaster. i asked for turkey and roast beef with lettuce and swiss on whole wheat. what did they give you? turkey and roast beef with swiss and lettuce on whole wheat. it's the right ingredients, but in the wrong order. in a proper sandwich, the cheese is adjacent to the bread to create a moisture barrier against the lettuce. they might as well have dragged this thing through a car wash. i don't believe it. i know. it's basic culinary science. some guy is auctioning off a miniature time machine prop from the original film, and no one is bidding on it. a time machine from the movie the time machine? no. a time machine from sophie's choice. boy, sophie could have used a time machine in that movie. did you see it? it's rough. wolowitz: oh, that's cool. uh-huh. it's only $800? yeah. and that's my bid. you bid $800?


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